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Business & Culture in China

Quer aprender sobre Negócios e Cultura na China?

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Greetings from Antai College of Economics and Management, Shanghai Jiao Tong University!  

With this email, we would like to bring you the updated news of  2019 Antai Global Summer Program.


To apply, access: http://application.sjtu.edu.cn/summer/login.html



It is a three-week-long, credits-conferring, English-taught summer program focusing on Learning

Business and Culture in China. Each cohort, about 100 students from over 30 countries joined the

 program, and had great things to say about their experience in Shanghai.


                              ¡ñ May session: May 19, 2019-June 7, 2019

                              ¡ñ July session: July 7-26, 2019.


                             For more information:   http://summerschool.sjtu.edu.cn/ 

                                Application Entry:        http://application.sjtu.edu.cn/summer/login.html

We would appreciate if you could deliver the information to your undergraduate or graduate students, via email or website posting. For your reference, the following documents you may download foryour use where you see appropriate. 


  1. 2019 program flyer: http://summerschool.sjtu.edu.cn/sites/default/files/flyer.pdf        
  2. Course Syllabus : http://summerschool.sjtu.edu.cn/sites/default/files/Course%20syllabus.pdf          
  3. Program texts and web banners: http://summerschool.sjtu.edu.cn/sites/default/files/brochure.pdf


We warmly welcome your students to join the 2019 Antai Global Summer Program!


If you have any question, please feel free to contact me.



Best regards,






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